When I am creating my work most of my designs tend to stay on the more simplistic side. In my eyes designs that are very complex confuse me so as an artist I try to steer clear of making my artwork that way. My design’s vary in certain ways depending on the end goal of the projects that I am working on. I believe that with my work I can be very malleable, and I don’t necessarily stick to one design type through all of my designs. With my design process I try to go as broad as possible when I am in the beginning design stages, as I feel coming into the process narrowed minded can inhibit the end result and the design will not be as good as I wished it to be. When creating my work, I take ideas from the world around me as well as my personal experiences and how I view the world. This helps me make my designs unique to me. I also try to put the client’s ideas first and, in my mind, function should always take top priority because if the designs that I create are not functionable it doesn’t matter how aesthetically pleasing they are no one will buy into it and in the end that is the ultimate goal. I also am in favor of more text-based designs over just images. I am still trying to refine my style as it is nowhere near where I want it to be at the moment, but I do understand that this is okay as long as with each project that comes along that I consistently improve I know by the end of my college tenure that I will be ready to bring my ideas and designs into the real world. The designs that I have submitted for the Junior exhibit could be stronger as I look back at them but others such as my logo and resume are really strong from the layout to the logo itself. Designing type layouts like that is my true passion as it is what I feel brings out my best creative design.
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