Growing up I knew I wanted to do something that involved using my own creativity. I wasn’t sure exactly what job that might have been, but I did know I wanted it to have something to do with design. It wasn’t until I saw my best friend’s dad creating flyers for a housing development that I knew I wanted to be a graphic designer. He showed me his creative process and how he came up with his ideas, which struck my interest right away. I then began looking up YouTube videos of other graphic designers and also searching up ideas on social media. I also liked the very “in-your-face” bolded letters and striking typefaces. After doing my own research, I then started to create cards, flyers, and also business cards that I would then pass around to neighbors.  I loved the vibrant colors and curved lines many of the designers were using. This has led to me enjoying creating and expressing myself through design.
As a designer, I would say my work is very striking and creative. I love having to think outside the box and make the viewer think. When I was younger, I would come up with my own way of making each project I had to present in school much different, but still following the rubrik, to make mine stand out over others. Many people used to ask if I could create their title design or ask me where to place certain things on their project. This led to students coming up to me to make sure their project stood out before they turned it in. I believe my style is still the same but has changed for the better throughout the years and especially throughout college. In college I’ve learned new techniques and skills that are so beneficial to creating good design. The brainstorming process is one of my favorites, as this gives me the opportunity to think, create, and come up with many great ideas. I found that even if an idea might not work for a specific project right then, it could be used for something later down the road. With all that being said, I want the viewer to enjoy my work and I want my work to evoke some type of emotion when someone looks at it. As of right now, I am loving logo and web design. Those seem to be where I feel the most connected with my design style.
I take into account the purpose for each project and add on my own unique touch. When designing, I like to try and have some type of meaning for why I make things the way I do. Although, I also sometimes just like a specific design because it fits well with the overall idea. My goal is to create a fun, eye-catching, yet meaningful design. At the end of the day, each project I have created has given me new insight, and a new way to view things in everyday life, and I am better because of it.
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