My name is Bryan Keith Barrett Jr, I am a Graphic Designer here at East Carolina University. The work you are seeing is from my junior year in the graphic design concentration. The projects that are included are, Beer Can project, Mobile App project, and Personal Trademark Project. As a designer, I use an inner vision to create artworks that can reflect the type of designer I am. That inner vision is fueled by my past experiences, current life events, and future aspirations. When my work is successful I feel a sense of fulfillment, but when it does not go as planned, I am not discouraged to start over; I welcome change like a challenge to conquer. 
Here at East Carolina University I picked up a minor in Sports Studies, which I feel can help open the doors for me within the Sports industry as a designer. From the Graphic Design Survey class to now, I feel that I have grown leaps and bounds to become a more well rounded designer and well prepared as a designer. My professors have pushed me in the right direction when going in the wrong direction (creatively) and given me valued feedback to help me reach a more improved outcome. Music, sports, and traveling fuel me as a person and I use a lot of references within my work to show that. 
Problem Solving is a major key skill a designer needs to have. When I was stuck in the brainstorming phase I would ask my fellow classmates for critiques to help me get my ideas flowing. I strive to make a lot of my digital works look as professional as I can. Qualities like leadership, structure, professionalism and consistency are qualities I see within myself and also my work.
As a young African American male living during this era we are currently in, I feel it is my duty to have self representation within my work. When a young African American kid looks at my work and sees what I have accomplished, I want them to know that they also can accomplish the same feats within their lives as well.  In Conclusion, I strive to create work that invites the viewer to walk away with a message or reaction towards my work. Being a full-time non-traditional student, with a full-time job, I came into East Carolina just looking to finish my Bachelor’s degree, but I am blessed that I chose Graphic Design as my concentration. When doing these projects I feel a sense of purpose and clear understanding that this is my path to take creatively and for that I am forever thankful.
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