Graphic design is, at its core, an extremely elaborate form of visual communication. Art that was made to be hung in a gallery was never my goal. I want to make art that says something. I want to make art that does something.  As a designer my goal is to assist clients in putting forward the best image of themselves or their business. If design work is effective, it will quickly draw eyes, and keep them there through comfortable and enjoyable user experience.
As a designer, I do not often work on solo projects, as I much prefer working with others. Some of my favorite work has been defining brand identity through things such as logo design. I enjoy doing thorough research into the history of the client and others in their field. Encompassing the storied history and values of a company into one design is a challenge I enjoy solving time and time again. I believe that a well-designed logo or website should not only tell potential customers everything they need to know about the client at face value, but also encourage them to dive deeper and get invested in the products/services. 
I enjoy collaborative projects, and bouncing ideas off of clients is a priority in my design process. I present as many different iterations of a design as possible in early stages of a project. Feedback, both positive and negative, is crucial. Some designs can be effective, but end up straying too far from what the client’s desires. At the end of the day, the client is much more important than self-expression. My work is a representation of their brand, so I aim to present them the most optimized and effective versions of their vision as possible. The collaborative side of design is my passion, and it’s what keeps me coming back for more.
My work aims to pique initial interest through strong visuals, and then retain that interest through effective layouts and interesting content organization. I believe that good design often struggles without setting an intentional balance of these two elements. While there are some similarities between my projects, this balance of visuals and content is one of the only through lines in my work. I try not to use the same color palettes, or the same grid layouts across projects. I believe that the best designer is a flexible one. Clients come from all different walks of life, and I want to be ready to accommodate whatever style their brand is trying to achieve. 
I have design experience in small business advertising, commercial level marketing, and even digital marketing through things such as Facebook ads and YouTube video thumbnail designs. I enjoy working in team environments and collaborating with others. I am confident in both my design and leadership skills, and hope to continue working in these area in the future.
As a designer, your “bag of tricks” is never full. There is something new to learn every day. Every piece I create makes me a better designer, and broadens my horizons to new ideas.
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