What motivates me to be a graphic designer is being able to create one of a kind logos and designs for others, and being able to put my clients dreams into reality. It is not just about a logo, but a start for a company or a new beginning. To know I designed their look and watch the company flourish gives me so much joy. I love to design layouts for title heads, books, magazines, posters, banners or even business cards. I also enjoy creating designs that capture the eye and flow in such a way that everyone would want to at least look at it. I am driven to do this by my passion for organizing and creating clean content, enabling me to bring satisfaction to my clients. My favorite part of designing any piece of art is always in the beginning through the sketching phase, and in the final piece created. Watching what the design will become fills me with excitement, and seeing the end result is the best part of it all. As well as seeing how excited my clients are for others to see their logo or new design. I believe you need to do something in life that you love, and this is one thing I have always loved. When creating designs, I lose track of time, getting lost in my creation, and not ever realizing how long I actually spend on each design. I never knew what I wanted to be when I was growing up, not until highschool when I started taking art seriously. Back then I would always make flyers, banners and posters for almost every club. I somehow had a talent for always knowing how to make each one original and pop out from the rest. I then started looking into careers for artists and watched endless Youtube videos. Once I saw my first video on graphic designers, I knew that is what I wanted to do in life. It looked so fun, and I can’t imagine it could ever be boring to always be creating new content. Having an imaginative mind helps me create multiple designs, and layouts for every kind of client and/or company to meet their needs. As a graphic designer, my overall goal for any design is to be able to express an idea in a visually appealing way that not only provides information, but allows the audience to receive the message in a clever and entertaining way. 
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