My goals as a designer over the years have transformed from the aspect of trying to get better, to the aspect of simply allowing visions to manifest and working through ideas to provide solutions. Originality and autonomy are important to me as a designer. Although I am influenced by so many factors, it all comes to my decision making process within my process of designing. I see myself to be an all around designer who keeps my roots in organization and flair. I want people to be able to trust me as a designer who can turn any concept into an amazing story. I tend to believe that I am a big thinker, and a critical one. Critical thinking is a big part of art and the first step to my design work. Having the skill of thinking through a situation and choosing a solution being that there are so many routes to take plays a big role in my life as a designer. I typically look for solutions that are more appealing whether it be conceptually or visually. Many of my designs incorporate colors that attract the eye, while being presented on a layout that is easy to read. A principle that guides my practices is allowing one’s vision to come to life. Being an art student has forced the importance of process within my mind, and a process is key to allowing one’s vision to come to life, whether it be me as a designer or a client. Growing within this field has allowed me to reflect on my past designs and recognize the consistencies within my work. I believe my designs bring an unorthodox and non-traditional aspect to them. I often choose typefaces that offer a certain tone to align with certain brands but I also typically make sure there are readable aspects within them. When it comes to color (and other aspects of design like visual hierarchy), I always make sure the idea makes sense and flows well before executing it. Being a Graphic Designer makes it more simple to undo ideas and experiment with different concepts on screen. Seeing designs around the world that I enjoy, allow me to decide on aspects of design I enjoy and do not enjoy. Completing the Beer and Advertisement project, Mobile App Project, Personal Mark/Brand Project and the assignments for Experimental Letterpress Print has allowed me to understand different intentions and branding purposes when it comes to designing. I believe creativity is one of the most important aspects of design, but when creativity has direction, that provides answers to creative solutions. These projects challenged my brainstorming process, strengthened my ability to expand on ideas, and provided guidance towards my professional career. One of the things I enjoy the most from my classes is the autonomy that comes with creating ideas from project descriptions. I want to unfold as a designer who although is a multi-hyphenate, can be trusted and execute the simplest of ideas and turn them into strong projects.
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