Creating has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. As early as elementary school I began drawing and by the time I was in sixth grade I was drawing in my sketchbook daily for hours at a time. This continued until I bought a digital drawing tablet for myself on my 17th birthday. That was the day I started learning how to create digitally. Ever since I started creating art digitally, I knew it was something I wanted to do in the future. I’ve always been passionate about art and creating, but the thing that drew me to graphic design specifically was the opportunity. 
In graphic design, things are always changing. You get the opportunity to work on projects that are vastly different from one another, getting to work for new and exciting clients, and getting to learn about art from a different perspective. As a designer, something that is very important to me is exploring new ideas, whether it be wildly different color combinations or new compositions, I get most of my satisfaction from a project that I have fully thought of many ideas for. I haven’t been a graphic designer my whole life, but I have been an artist my whole life, my past of drawing in my sketchbook for hours at time in school has gotten me into the habit of exploring different ideas, just to see where they go. A lot of the time, this way of creating has led me to success in a piece.
Inspiration is something incredibly important to me. Inspiration from other artists work and technique is what has led me to become an artist in the first place, and I’m certain I’m not the only artist who feels this way. Inspiration creates a cycle of artists inspiring other artists until everyone is sharing each other’s work. It really does build a great sense of community. A strong community is something that feels great to be a part of and creating art in an environment like that is what I want out of my career path.
To me, my art is about putting feelings, emotions, and ideas into something more tangible. My favorite way to express these feelings and create a story and an idea is using color. Color is something that can make or break the mood and atmosphere of a piece. I like to experiment with bold color combinations and even some subtle color in a more professional setting. Color is just something that inspires me to experiment, and that is what I aim to do in my design work as I continue my path to finding my style. 
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